Monday, March 23, 2009

Knit Baby Gifts 2 : Little man cardigan

Another baby gift that I completed for a coworker last October was the Diamond Seed Baby Jacket from Interweave Knits. 

This pattern has the making of a true family heirloom. The pattern gets a little tedious by the end, but I am in love with the results. It's slick and classic looking.

Since I didn't know the gender of the baby, I knit this in Knitpicks Risatta in green and used red buttons. The yarn is spongy and soft, but still showed the pattern with good definition.

I've seen pictures of the gift recipient (a little boy) in the sweater, and he looks adorable! 

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Knit Baby Gifts: Socktopus!

I've had a lot of friends and coworkers have babies recently, so I thought I'd show you the knit items I've given as gifts. This first post is one of my favorites - the Socktopus. I love this!

I made this entirely out of leftovers from prior projects, and couldn't stop working on it. It was just so cute that every time I finished a new leg I made my husband come and look at it. He's a very patient man :)

I think this is a great gift pattern because it's gender neutral (this purple guy was made for a baby girl, but a different color could easily work for a boy), and something that's definitely different than most of the other gifts expectant parents will receive.

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Well, I guess I could consider myself consistent - I'm consistently bad at posting consistently. It's too bad really, since I actually have a lot of pictures of cute knitted items to show. I've been on a lace kick recently, and produced some cute shawls. I am home alone the next two nights, and will try to get some pictures posted.