Thursday, March 01, 2007

Hat, take one and take two

A while ago my fiancee's (yes, it's still exciting to say that!) brother asked me to knit him a hat. After some discussions, we decided that I would make him a grey skullcap with big cables running down the side. It was a pattern I found on MenKnits, and I brought it with me on the plane to Jamaica. Unfortunately, it was the worst pattern I've ever worked with. It was missing whole sections - the image showed a cable with three twists, and the directions only accounted for one. I tried to wing it on my own, but ended up ripping it out.

The second try was with Marnie's His Hat pattern. This is a basic ribbed hat, and the pattern is much better.

The first draft was in grey, but seems a little small for a man's head.

The second version is for my fiancee, and I added about eight rows. This is huge on me, but will fit his giant head perfectly. I'm thinking about keeping the grey one for myself, and using the leftovers of both projects to make a new grey and black version for my fiancee's brother.

**I don't actually have spots on my shirt, just a dirty bathroom mirror. I am not yet an expert at taking photos of myself.