Monday, January 26, 2009

Produce vs. Use

I was walking to work today, and I realized that I was wearing 4 knit items: my sweater, socks, hat and scarf. That made me think that in the 6 or so years since I have become a serious (read:obsessive) knitter I have transitioned a little from a process knitter to a product knitter.

When I say that I used to be a process knitter, I was never the type of knitter who had to try the newest, harder technique. It was more that I just had to knit at all times, and wasn't too focused on what the output was. I'd knit things as something to do, or because a picture of the finished output looked good with little thought to if the item would look good on me. As I've gotten better as a knitter, I've begun to focus more on producing wearable finished items.

I now wear knit socks almost every day, and am finally wearing most of my knit sweaters. I find it really fun to wear my own products, and it pushes me to make even better looking and better fitting finished works!

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