Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Tropicana Socks

I bought some Patons Kroy Stripes sock yarn at a big closeout sale, and I decided to give Magknit’s Tropicana pattern a try. One sock completed, and I can say with confidence that I will never knit this pattern again. I need to just admit to myself that when it comes to stripey yarn, Jaywalker is the best pattern out there. I’ve already knit three pairs, so I thought I should expand my horizons a little, but I’ve come to regret it.

The pattern itself is well written, but I just don’t like the mechanics of the stitch repeat – it hurts my hands. Plus, the pattern calls for a short row heel, which I know some people love, but I really prefer a heel flap. I don’t know why I continue to follow a pattern even if I know I don’t like the process used – I know I like heel flaps, I should have used that instead of a short row. I did replace the toe with the toe from Nancy Bush’s Rib and Cable socks from the Fall '05 edition of Interview Knits. It’s one of the best fitting toes I’ve ever used, and I want to use it more often.

Geez, I sound really hard on these socks. I’m pleased with the result, despite all that I just wrote above. I’m knitting these socks as a future Christmas gift, and I think the end result will look good.



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